Key Milestones


On December 5, 2020, Telecom Egypt successfully completed the end-to-end testing and delivery of 2Africa’s Egypt terrestrial crossing ahead of schedule, making it the first segment of the project in operation. This crossing will provide a seamless optical path between East Africa, Asia, and Europe. 2Africa will land in both Ras Ghareb in the Red Sea, which is located 100km south of the Zafarana cable landing station, and the Mediterranean landing site, Port Said, which is located 250km east of the Alexandria landing station. The two landing stations have now been interconnected via two new and completely diverse terrestrial routes, deploying next generation fibre. The new routes are adjacent to the Suez Canal, between Suez and Port Said, and will be complemented with a third new marine path that will link the Ras Ghareb and Suez landing stations, which is being built for further diversity.


The 2Africa Partners issue their formal Global Press Release announcing the launch of the 2Africa cable system. 2Africa is one of the largest subsea projects in the world, connecting 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe and extending to Asia via the main Europe-to-Asia subsea cables.


The 2Africa tender process concluded and ASN were awarded the contract to build the 2Africa cable system.


The Investor Partners of 2Africa initiated the cable project with the signing of the MoU.